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Our most popular shelters

Stabl offers our ES Series of shelters, a line of grade-level and container mounted tension fabric structures. For grade-level shelter, choose a Stabl ES10 Shelter with the standard 10′ Bay Spacing; or if you want the strongest unit, choose a Stabl XES8 Shelter that has 8′ Bay Spacing and larger steel tubes.

Stabl Shelters are available in a wide variety of sizes, fabric weights, and trim colours. We have many of the popular models in stock. Allow 10-12 weeks from order to delivery for customs orders. Self-installation can be as little as 2-3 days for some of our smaller models.

Informational Videos

Check out our video of how our shelters shed snow due to their design and material

Why Choose a Fabric Shelter

Easy to plan

Far less money and time to plan vs. conventional construction.

Cost Effective

A budget that doesn’t require a loan or a mortgage.

Quick to Build

A 30 X 40 shelter can be installed in as little as a few days.

They’re portable

Fabric structures are easy to put up and quick to take down.

Off grid installs

Build where conventional construction support can’t access.

Low maintenance

A semi-annual inspection of bolt and fabric tightness is required.

Low operating costs

The fabric allows 80% of natural light to enter, reducing the need for lights.

Unobstructed floor space

There are no Interior walls or posts to constrict usage.

Multi Industry Use

They can be put to a wide variety of uses and withstand a variety of weather conditions.

**Stabl Shelters are imported products built to international standards.
Please enquire about permitting requirements with your local building department.