Are you ready to choose your Stabl Shelter? Check out our options and features included.

Stabl offers premium Stabl Shelter Pro and Stabl Shelter ProXS, all hardy tension fabric structures. Choose a Stabl Shelter Pro for standard 10′ Bay Spacing; choose the ULTIMATE Stabl Shelter ProXS for strongest 8′ Bay Spacing. Stabl Shelters are available in a wide variety of sizes, fabric weights, and trim colours.

We have some popular models in stock.  Allow 7-10 weeks from order to delivery. Installation can be 2-3 days depending upon foundation method. If the shelter is large and foundations and slabs need to be installed, the installation process will be longer.

Why Choose a Fabric Shelter

Easy to plan

Far less money and time to plan vs. conventional construction.

Cost Effective

A budget that doesn’t require a loan or a mortgage.

Quick to Build

A 30 X 40 shelter can be installed in as little as a few days.

They’re portable

Fabric structures are easy to put up and quick to take down.

Off grid installs

Build where conventional construction support can’t access.

Low maintenance

A semi-annual inspection of bolt and fabric tightness is required.

Low operating costs

The fabric allows 80% of natural light to enter, reducing the need for lights.

Unobstructed floor space

There are no Interior walls or posts to constrict usage.

Multi Industry Use

They can be put to a wide variety of uses and withstand a variety of weather conditions.

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