Enclosed 60’ x 80’ Round Overall – 24’H

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Enclosed 60’ x 80’ Round Overall – 24’H


Pricing starts at $24,192

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  • Engineered to meet most Canadian snow loads.
  • Meets BC Building Code wind and snow requirements. Engineered drawings available.
  • PVC Fabric cover – Allows natural light in while blocking harmful UV; fire retardant; creates comfortable working conditions
  • 100% Waterproof – Superior resistance to rain/snow, mold, wind, cuts and rips
  • Double truss, non-rust, heavy duty galvanized steel frame
  • 6.62′ or 8’ Bay Spacing
  • 16’ W x 18’ H Roll-up mechanical doors on both ends
  • Double truss arches: 60mm x 1.8mm – Horizontal tubes: 60mm x 1.8mm
  • Bolt Together Arches
  • Quad Tension System
  • 24’ Height
  • **Please check with your local bylaws regarding building permits

Choosing your container shelter

Various specification choices are required for obtaining an accurate quote for a container shelter that best fits your needs:

  • Open ended, half closed ends without doors, fully closed with doors
  • Length 20’, 40’, 60’, 80’
  • Width 20’, 40’, 50’, 60’
  • Inner or outer container edge install
  • Single truss or double truss
  • Truss spacing of either 3.9’,6.5’,6.6’, 8’, 10’
  • Fabric thickness. PVC 450, 610, 750, 900
  • Main fabric colour white or gray
  • Fabric trim, army green, green, gray, white, blue, red
  • Mechanical doors up to 16’ wide and 18’ tall
  • Doors at both ends, or closed on one end
  • With or without a man door.
  • Peak roof, 16, or 16.7’ high
  • Round roof, 13’, 15’, 20’ or 24’ high

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Enclosed 60’ x 80’ Round Overall – 24’H

The ULTIMATE cover that professionals use against heavy snow loads (E.g. Industrial, military, farming)


Grey | Red (Trim Only) | Blue | Forest Green | Army Green | White  –  View our Photo Gallery and/or see Shelter images for likeness.


  • Comes with installation guide and customer service support
  • All parts are pre-drilled for easy assembly
  • Heavy duty rope for main cover tie down
  • Rope holes with heavy duty grommets for best durability
  • Side wind brace supports
  • Protective plastic end caps for exposed tube ends
  • Base Flange as foundation on the ground


Fabric weight will determine the lifespan of your Stabl Shelter | More about PVC Fabric

  • PVC 450 Fabric – 6 to 9 years
  • PVC 610 Fabric – 8 to 11 years
  • PVC 750 Fabric – 10 to 13 years
  • PVC 900 Fabric – 12 to 15 years


Once you’re ready to purchase, start by choosing a width from our online store, then enter your preferences, and check out. Still have questions? Check our FAQ or Contact Us.

All shelters are designed to keep the elements out under most weather conditions, but unlike conventional construction these are a form of a tent and require that some precautions and common sense be used to protect your investment whenever heavy winds or heavy snowfalls are anticipated.


  1. High winds: Ensure the shelter is vented. Problems can occur if wind finds a way in on the wind side, but has no outlet. The best way to vent the shelter is to open the doors at each end of the shelter as this relieves pressure on the windward side and keeps the inside from ballooning.
  2. High winds: Ensure that all ratchet straps and turnbuckles and tension wires are tight. During particularly high wind gusts of 70 KPH and higher, keep checking the tension and tightening as required as occasionally the tarp vibration will loosen tension wires.
  3. Snow: These shelters will hold a reasonable snow load, and the roof slopes are designed to shed snow, but during heavy wet snow conditions every effort should be made to check the shelter to ensure large accumulations are not building up.
  4. Snow: Remove snow build up on the side walls as a result of snow sliding off the roof. This to relieve any pressure on the side walls frame and fabric
  5. Snow: Warming and freezing conditions. It’s best to remove any snow build up to avoid situations where the snow partially melts, then freezes. This can add extra weight and if a heavy snowfall occurs overnight, can cause major issues. When daytime melting and overnight freezing occurs, gentle prodding of the roof fabric with a blunt instrument should result in the build up sliding off.
  1. All customer installed shelters have a warranty limited to failure of parts.
  2. No shelters are covered under the warranty during high winds or heavy snow loads. The customer must be pro active in ensuring neither causes a structure failure. These conditions and care are listed under our installation guidelines.
  3. The installation of a shelter is critical to how it will stand up to heavy winds and snow. If the manufacturers installation guidelines are not adhered to, failure of the shelter could result in high winds and heavy snowfalls. If in doubt about any of the installation processes, please contact our office.
  4. Failure to do semi annual inspections of the shelter and tighten any loose straps or tension wires may cause issues with wind and snow.